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Tailored, managed network solutions

We work to simplify the complex technology landscape for our customers, creating tailored, managed network solutions to drive their organizations forward. When we’re solving complicated IT challenges, our customers can operate with greater productivity and have the freedom to focus on other critical business issues. Headquartered in Chicago, we have built a reputation for superior customer service and customized solutions. Driven by an entrepreneurial spirit, we are self-funded, organically grown and profitable—and a trusted partner to thousands of business and service provider clients.

Solutions Offered
Internet | SD-WAN | Managed Security | Cloud Connect | Wireless Internet


Top Features

Top things to know

• Nitel supports multiple SD-WAN platforms.
• We have a comprehensive suite of managed security services and expertise to assist partners to sell it.
• We recently acquired Hypercore Networks, so if you like them, you're going to love Nitel!
• Multi-location deals are our speciality. With over 1,100 last-mile vendors to choose from, we can address every opportunity.

Top 5 benefits

• Partners benefit from fast quoting across all Nitel services.
• Intelligent SPIFF program enables partners to increase commissions on any deal.
• Customer issues are addressed quickly and with urgency.
• Service delivery is managed by professional project managers and experience can be tailored for the customer.
• Customers experience reliable, high-performing network services.

Top 5 things that make Nitel different

• U.S.-based award-winning NOC with 42-second average hold time
• Dedicated strategic account management organization
• Multiple SD-WAN platforms
• Over 1,100 last-mile vendors
• n-Tellipro real-time quoting tool for partners

Top 5 customers that choose Nitel

• Multi-site and verticals commonly associated with this: retail, banking, healthcare
• Domestic with international locations
• Digital transformation: customers migrating to the cloud
• Customers with complex requirements or that require a lot of customization
• Customers evaluating their security

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