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The ultimate fusion of cutting-edge technology and human expertise

Cybersafe's comprehensive security programs protect your endpoints by detecting and responding to advanced threats and attacks. Our programs are serviced by seasoned cyber professionals with extensive experience and knowledge in cybersecurity. Our experts deeply understand the threat landscape and the adversaries that populate it. Our skilled, certified specialists leverage cutting-edge continuous cybersecurity monitoring, top-tier threat intelligence, and 20+ years of cybersecurity experience on behalf of your business.


Top Features

Continuous monitoring

Cybersafe continuously monitors your networks and endpoints as part of a proactive cybersecurity approach. Our 24/7/365 Security Operations Center monitors in real-time to detect, contain, and respond to cyber events.​

Professional services

Leveraging industry-leading technology and top-tier expertise, our suite of professional services empowers you to uncover vulnerabilities and enhance your defenses. Learn which cybersecurity services are right for you.​

Incident response

Cybersafe’s key focus is to eradicate the hacker and get your business back up and running as quickly as possible. Our team of certified forensic and incident response experts performs remote forensics across thousands of systems. Not a client? Not a problem, you can get immediate assistance whether or not you are an existing client.

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