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Cox Business MPLS IP-VPN

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A single unified network for enhanced scalability and security

MPLS-IP VPN helps forward data to increase the speed and flow of network traffic. Cox Business MPLS-IP VPN uses traffic classification, prioritization, and congestion management to securely transfer your data and maximize your network performance. Consolidate all of your IT infrastructure, end-users, and applications into a single unified network for enhanced scalability and security with the MPLS IP-VPN network solution. We provide a secure infrastructure designed to scale at speed. Your critical business applications receive optimum network performance with industry-targeted services. By complementing your MPLS IP-VPN service with the managed router solution, you get convenient end-to-end WAN management.


Top Features

Enhanced application performance

Maximize your network performance with standard QoS mechanisms.​


Speeds Ranging from 2 Mbps to 100 Gbps.​

24/7 customer support

Get support from a local team of experts familiar with your business and your community.

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